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kilgraney house


Kilgraney Country House is open for weekend dinner packages during March to October 2017.

Kilgraney Suites and Cottages are open for B & B packages from March to October 2017.

Kilgraney is a gracious Georgian country house overlooking the Barrow valley and is less than ninety minutes by car from Dublin. Surrounded by extensive gardens and granite stone courtyards filled with culinary, aromatic and medicinal plants, the property offers guests a memorable country house experience in a tranquil rural setting on the Carlow Kilkenny border.

Since 1994 we have been inspired by Kilgraney and captivated by what the surrounding countryside, towns and people have to offer. It is here that we grow, prepare, cook and present an encounter with the locality and the best of what the season has to offer.

Through words and images we invite you to our home and we hope that they entice you to come and experience Kilgraney for yourself.

At Kilgraney House we create a place of peace and tranquility so we close the house at 1.00 am. If you wish to stay out later than this please book one of our courtyard suites, the garden cottage or the lodge. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions.

Kilgraney House is an adult only distination.