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The Dining Room

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Our cooking is creative and contemporary with generous flavours, combining the best of local and regional produce with influences from our extensive travels around the globe. The rhythm of our menus is governed by the seasons and respects the fundamentals of nature and the growing season. There is a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients from organic growers and local artisan producers. From within these walls we make great use of home-grown fruits and vegetables, wildflower honey from our beehives and fragrant herbal vinegars using fresh garden herbs and cider vinegar made with apples from the orchard.

Bryan & Martin

Herbs and Spices

For the 2017 season we are offering a seven course seasonal tasting menu on Friday and Saturday evenings and on Sunday evenings during Bank Holiday weekends. 



Breakfast MENU


The breakfasts at Kilgraney offer both traditional and healthy options, with freshly-squeezed orange juice, home-made breads, yoghurt, marmalades and jams. The honey that is so local you can probably see our beehive from your breakfast table. All breakfasts are cooked to order.

However, it’s Martin’s orange and raisin pancakes with crème fraîche that always receive much acclaim and remain a favorite item on our breakfast menu.  Breakfast is served between 8.30am and 10.30am.

Breakfast MENU


At Kilgraney the pace in the dining room is always leisurely and the culinary style is distinctly fresh and light. Dinner is served in the cherub-adorned dining room at 8.15pm. There is just one seating for dinner, so the table is yours to enjoy for the entire evening. Pre-dinner drinks are available in the drawing room from 7.00pm

Please do let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements that we should be aware of in advance of you stay. Evening meals should be booked in advance and, if possible, please do so at time of initial booking.

Sample Dinner  MENU